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• Review of Real Bad XX San Francisco on Circuit Party Insanity Sept 2008

"Every once in awhile, you hear a new DJ that just stuns you. It's been a few years, but DJ Tim Jones was absolutely incredible.

I knew that he was a British DJ and I was expecting British dance music, but what he pulled was spectacular. He would play different mixes of your most popular songs, but it was always backed up a very vibrant, bouncing beat. It was not American, it was not British, but a very good hybrid of the two. If I were to define it, I would call it a"hard bounce" type of music. People were bouncing like I've never seen. Just bobbing their heads, their bodies, their soul. It was fantastic. I couldn't name the majority of the songs, but they were like a type of white soul beat with a electronic-trance tip. It was one of the greatest sets I've ever heard. Several times I turned to my friends and said, "What is this song" because it had snippets of one song layered on another. It was like Motto Blanco on steroids. It had all the elements of a classic 70's song with a hard rhythmic unstoppable beat.

Everyone kept asking me, "Who is this DJ?"

The last hour of the set had to be one of the most joyful, uplifting closers that I have ever heard. And the dance floor was packed until the absolute last song, which was some "Perfect Day" mix that I have never heard with stadium cheers echoing through the speakers. The minutes long ovation at the end was given to Tim Jones who, like other Real Bad DJs, will hopefully be spinning in the states for years to come."


DJ Tim Jones Real Bad XX - 28th September 2008

Full Track Listing and approximate timings

  • Turn Around (Barfly Mix) - Stisch (7:10PM)
  • Hot (Born To Funk Southbeach Meltdown Mix) - Noir Pres. Soul Flava
  • How I feel (asbo club mix) - Focus Audio Ft Sherelle McKenz
  • Weekend Love (Club Mix) - Electric Allstars Ft. Mia
  • Carry Me Away- Chris Lake Feat. Emma Hewitt
  • Break 4 Luv - Raze
  • Finally (12” choice mix) – Ce Ce Peniston
  • Don’t Give Hate a Chance (Freemasons Mix)- Jamiroquai
  • Watchin You (Freemasons Mix) - Freemasons
  • Star Lover (Martin Ikin Remix) Natahnmas
  • Goodbye - High On Life
  • Disco Lies (Freemasons Club Mix) - Moby
  • Creep - Lifestylerz Ft. Honey Couture
  • About Us (Extended Mix) Hernandez Vs DJ TYO
  • Nothing Better To Do (Soul Seekerz Mix) E LeAnn Rimes
  • Enjoy Yourself (7 th Heaven Mix) Viola Wills
  • Breakin’ Out (7 th Heaven Mix) Karen Danzig
  • Uninvited 2007 (Freemasons original unreleased mix) Alanis Morissete
  • Luther Vandross - Shine (Freemasons Mix)
  • I Wasn’t Kidding - (Tim Jones edit mix) Angie Stone
  • Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But The Rent (7 th Heaven) - Ft Katherine Ellis
  • Guilty -De Souza Feat. Shena
  • She’s like a star (Cahill club mix) Taio Cruz
  • Found a miracle (Simmons & Christopher mix) - Loveless Feat. Amanda Wilson
  • Can Heaven Wait (Thunderpuss Mix) - Luther Vandross
  • Something Good ‘08 (Warren Clarke Remix) - Utah Saints
  • Alright - feat Katreese Barnes - Jonathan Peters (10PM)
  • Pray (W.I.P. in the Church Mix) - Tina Cousins
  • I’m in love with you – (Tim Jones Club Mix)
  • I feel Love Thrills - Donna Summer vs Green Velvet (Tim Jones Real Bad Mix)
  • Nothing but you - Paul Van Dyk
  • Spellbound - Paul Van Dyk
  • So Special (Club Mix)- Michael Woods
  • Feel the Beat – Darude (Judge Jules Mix)
  • Sandstorm (Original Mix) – Darude
  • Children Trippin (Tim Jones Special Mix) - Andrea Brown & Robert Miles
  • Nightmare (Sinister Strings mix) –Brainbug
  • Synaesthesia (Fly Away) The Thrillseekers feat Sheryll
  • For an Angel - Paul Van Dyke ( Ibiza Tonker Mix)
  • Stay With Me Till Dawn (Club Mix) – Illusive
  • The Theme- Jurgen Vries
  • Let Me Show You (Original Mix) - Camisra
  • Time Of Our Lives ( UK Club Mix) - Paul Van Dyk
  • The Power of Love - Frankie Goes to Hollywood (J J Mix)
  • The Awakening (PVD Judge Jules & Tall Paul)
  • Sunshine - DJ Rankin
  • Taurine – Euphoria
  • Shadows - Solar City (Epic Club Mix) Fuego
  • Bruised Water (Chicane Rework Mix) - Chicane vs. Natasha Bedingfield
  • Freemasons-Love On My Mind (Freemasons Original Unreleased Mix)
  • The Time Is Now (To Celebrate Life) - Deux
  • Time - Therese
  • Over the Desert – Ibiza Special (Tim Jones Edit)
  • Dusk 'Til Dawn (Featuring Erire) O Danny Howells & Dick Trevor
  • Rock Da House 2006 (Soulseekerz Mix) - Tall Paul
  • Fatboy Slim - Champion Sounds (Facto Mix)
  • Die Another Day- Madonna (Tony Moran Mix)
  • Alright ´2005 - Edson Pride (Future Mix)
  • Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme (Victor Calderone Mix)
  • Ritmo Y Tambores feat. Joey Alvarado - Midnight Society
  • Desert Rose (Tonker/Calderone Mix) - Sting (2AM)
  • Share the Love (Hani Mix) - Andrea Martin & Victor Calderone
  • If You Love Me - Tony Moran
  • Keep Your Body Workin' (Soulshaker V Tony Moran) - Ft Martha Wash
  • Long Verb [original mix] - Greg Stainer
  • Dance Like There's No Tomorrow – (Soul Mix) Paula Abdul Ft Akon
  • Disco Lies (Freemasons Club Mix) -Moby
  • DJ – (Dub Mix) Ultravibe
  • Impressive Instant (Peter Rauhofer Universal Club Mix) - Madonna
  • Be Yourself - DJ Paulo
  • Stay - DJ Paulo
  • Relax Mix - Frankie goes to Hollywood (Tim Jones Rework)
  • Puta - DJ Paulo
  • Judy Cheeks - Reach (Hoxton Whores Mix)
  • 9am – ATB (Tonker Mix)
  • Turn Me Upside Down (Original Mix) - Soulseekerz
  • I See Girls (Freemasons Vocal Mix) - Studio B
  • Hoxton Whores vs. Rob Tissera – Promised Land (Full Vocal Mix)
  • Lost In Ibiza – (Original Mix) Hoxton Whores
  • He's the Greatest Dancer (Fugitive Club Mix) - Dannii Minogue
  • Golden Sun – Asle
  • I decided (Moto Blanco club mix) - Solange Knowles
  • Sunchyme (Simon de jano mix) –Nightbirds
  • Breakin' Out (7th Heaven Mix) - Karen Danzig
  • Dance (Fish & Chips Remix) – Chanel
  • Perfect Day (12" Original Ozzie & Tim Jones Mix) – Indigo (4AM)


• QX Magazine, London March 2008

• QX Magazine, London March 2008

• QX Magazine, London 27th September 2006

• QX Magazine, 6th July 2005







IN the heart of Soho a vibe has been happening for quite a while now and on this CD its essence has been captured. Barcode is one of Soho’s more credible bars with a down to earth and, at most times, a very horny crowd. On Thursdays it has a split personality. In the upstairs bar you can hear Stewart Who? spin his unique style of ‘homosocial’ house. From uplifting tracks like Blaze’s Precious Love to the tougher feel of Hoxton Whores’ Hablando, it’s just all too fabulous. Downstairs is the bear cave where Tonka-lite resides and Tim Jones is in firm control of the decks. He mixes up the old with the new and includes Deux’s Sun Rising Up, a Hoxton Whores remix of Judy Cheeks’ Reach and Sunset Strippers’ Falling Stars, creating a soundtrack for the Bear fraternity to cruise and booze. Rating: ********

• Boyz Magazine, London 27/11/04


TONKER - Saturday 27/11/04


It was a good job we arrived early for Tonker’s first birthday bash at South Central last Saturday – just in time to devour our share of the lorry-loads of nibbles that were on offer!

The Tonker crew usually host an alcohol-fuelled cruise session down in Barcode’s basement every Thursday, but the team had decided to move south of the river for their first birthday party. DJs Ross Jones and Tim Jones served up generous portions of funky house, tribal progressive and some well-known hands-in-the-air mixes to satisfy our appetites, raising the temperature on the ’bear pit‘-themed dancefloor. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before we were caught checking out all those sexy hairy chests on offer!

If you missed the birthday party, why not try a little bear-baiting at the team’s regular session down at Barcode in Soho tonight? With the drinks offers and plenty of guys on offer, it a great place to indulge in a little midweek cruising and boozing!



Tonker’s first birthday was at South Central, 349 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall. You can catch the Tonker crew with their regular Meat Packers’ Beer Bust at Barcode, 3-5 Archer Street, Soho every Thursday. Entry’s free before 10pm. www.britishmusclebear.com

Photography © Rogerio Rangel-Gomez

• Boyz Magazine London 30/10/03


TONKER LITE - Thursday 30/10/03


We couldn't resist popping along to the Hairy Hallowe'en TONKER LITE MEATPACKERS BEER BUST downstairs in Barcode last Thursday to get our paws on some cheap drinks - oh, and some nice hairy totty.

Coming from the team who brought you Tonka, this new weekly soiree is proving to be the perfect late-night accompaniment to The King's Arms on a Thursday night. In fact, this was the thought process behind the night. Lee and Tony found themselves enjoying a drink at The King's Arms and wanted to carry on even later, with more great music and friendly company. Barcode were hosting Homosocial upstairs, but the basement bar wasn't being used, so it seemed the perfect place to start the weekend nice and early. Another important element was the price, so they decided to base the party on an American Beer Bust. For the uninitiated, this means cheap draft beer and a ‘drink the bar dry’ attitude. We spoke to Tim Jones, one of the DJs on rotation with David from Comptons, and Simon from the LA3, and he told us, ‘It's the perfect place to listen to some great music, enjoy cheap drinks and mix with bears - and pick up, of course. The music is laid-back and funky, nothing too hectic, while the pool table and table football are popular all night.’ You don't have to wait for a full moon till the next bash - we'll see you there this Thursday for more boozing, cruising and top class tunes.


Tonker Lite Meatpackers Beer Bust, every Thursday from 9pm till late downstairs in Barcode, Soho. It's £3, or £2 with any bear club card, with weekly £1 draft beer specials. Visit www.britishmusclebear.com for more information

• Boyz Magazine, London 12/07/03

Another new night for the hairy, beary crowd? Yes indeed! Along with the recent openings of Woof, Growl and this weekend’s Fuzz, the bear scene is spoilt for choice at the moment. Tonker was a new heavyweight that launched itself the Saturday before last... bravely pitting itself against the might of the long-established XXL in London Bridge.

Staying south of the river, Tonker took place a little further west, at Imperial Gardens in Camberwell. Many of you will know this large venue from the days of Fist. That fetish extravaganza was sadly forced to close towards the end of last year, so it was good to see the space being used again for a gay night. We took advantage of the bus that was running from the Kings Arms, and arrived at the club at about 11.30pm, to be greeted by co-promoter Lee at the door. The first room is a bar area, which boasted its own DJ, blasting out some dark and thumping hard house sounds, and was buzzing with a selection of bigger guys and muscley-types.

Most of the hundred's of guys who made the effort all decided to congregate in the main ‘Bears Lair’ dance area, which was presided over by DJ Tim Jones and Rolf from the LA3. This room was truly thumping, and provided a glimpse of what the night really has to offer - a harder dance alternative for a stripped-down, muscle-bear crowd, all of whom seemed happy to lose themselves in the lights and music.

FRESH - 24th May 2003, QX Magazine 434

TAKING in nearly six hours of Wagner and then shaking your tush on innumerable dance floors is a disconcerting experience. It's doubtful that many of those present at last Saturday's revival of Tristan and Isolde at the English National Opera went on to The Box before heading off to Fresh, XXL, Ikon, Salvation and DTPM. But who would? And although from Salvation onwards was pure self-indulgence, it was the other three venues that we bring you the report on. Fresh came from the Rise and Shine stable, who are probably best known for their after hours party at the Fridge bar. Held at the sumptuous Glasshouse club in Blackfriars, there was an excellent view of Tate Modern and Paul McCarthy's incredible 'Blockhead' sculpture. There were plenty of gorgeous guys in attendance and there was some seriously throbbing music courtesy of Tim Jones on the decks who delivered a hearty  dose of more progressive house and harder beats. Craig Woodrow was on hand in the River View Dance Bar, and cooked up a vinyl storm. Drinks were reasonably priced so a few vodkas didn't dent the wallet so we stayed on for a few more. Great venue and music with friendly security… perhaps we take it for granted that we swan through the door at most gay venues without a rigorous search, but we were shocked at having to hand over our Magnum ice cream – don't you just love choc-ices?



(extract from QXMag London 09/01/03)

SOME guys crave excess flesh like starving cannibals on the razz. Whatever the elusive source of the attraction, it has to be said that slightly battered middle-aged men basted in hair fairly scream out masculine messages. That being so, it’s not surprising British bears have their own fashion label, Bear Paw Clothing, which you can find on http://www.britishmusclebear.com And putting their money where their mouths are, the company, which whole-heartedly supports the empowerment of bears, is acting as one of the sponsors of the Fresh party on January 11th. The first real dance event of the New Year, it’s being held at the Fridge Nightclub, and is set to run from 10pm until 6am on Sunday morning. The featured DJs will include some of the most popular in Europe, including Craig Woodrow, Rolf and Tim Jones, and as you’d expect, the night looks set to draw huge crowds of clubbers. But if you’re gagging for bear pie, and need to gobble some honey with like-minded, furry friends, check out the above-mentioned website and order some unique, Bear Paw Clothing T-shirts and other items. It’s the perfect way to proudly announce your tastes to the world, and hopefully attract other curious bears in the process! !

Out Biz Magazine Australian Review - The Midnight Shift - NYE 2002

Well, the midnight shift certainly lived up to its promise of having a 'Moist' New Year's Eve and 'Saturated' New Years Day! Guys with Supersoakers cooled down a pumped up crowd in the 4am show on New Year's Eve, which was much appreciated seeing as the music from DJ Tim Jones kept us on the dance floor all night long!


Boys Magazine Issue 536

Gaydar, the biggest gay lifestyle website in existence, has just reached its second anniversary, and with so many gay boyz logging on to its site everyday, it was hardly surprising that the Gaydar team wanted to celebrate the occasion with a huge party.

The event took place at The Fridge in Brixton, and it was certainly a night to remember!......DJ's Tim Jones, Rich B and Gary H mixed a great selection of dance tunes for the punters to cruise and booze to,.... we couldn't stop commenting on what a great vibe there was there.... it was like a house party only sexier! 


QX Magazine No 348 19th September  2001

San Francisco Pride 2001 CD Review

In a different direction we head off to the West Coast of the USA and introduce `San Francisco Pride 2001' as presented by DJ Tim Jones through Rise & Shine Recordings. This DJ recently played at Heaven. The album is full of that circuit like, diva vocal filled, tough yet sequined trapped and too in touch with the feminine side type of house tunes. Featured on the album are tracks like Victor Calderone's `Are You Satisfied', remixes of Destiny Child's `Survivor', Gloria Estefan's `Out of Nowhere' and a tribal tinged version of Mary Mary's `Praise You'. As far as DJ goes, Tim Jones knows how to put together his beats. If you like your beats tough but your vocals girly, remixes of chart tunes and you love that American circuit `thing' then this CD will shake your butt into gear.

Boyz Magazine - London 8th September 2001

Heaven Gig Review London 01.09.01

Take a 22.5K Turbo Floodlight System, 3 Technics decks, a 32-channel live mixing desk, 4 stage monitors, a 2.5K side fill, well over 1,000 gorgeous and up for it clubbers, a veritable flesh fest of mainstage dancers and special guest DJ Tim Jones mixing everything from tribal House to funk and progressive house, and you could only be in the main room of the most famous gay club in the world on a Saturday night - Heaven!.

Heaven's most popular night just seems to get better and better, and securing Tim Jones to play alongside Steve B last Saturday was close to genius. Tim Jones (his real name of course) is an immensely talented and interesting guy..........

After wowing the crowd at Heaven on his London debut, we're sure the club will be inviting Tim Jones back for many more nights of homo-hedonism......

QX Magazine No 345 29th August 2001

Must & Maybe Saturdays, Heaven - Tim Jones is a great all rounder who produces his own record label and DJ's on an international level, now launching his London sessions at Heaven...


www.tranczendental.co.uk - TranstasTic Web Cast Review

....well yet another DJ has added his station to our links list. This station broadcast 24/7 playing some pumping trance. Also the quality of this DJ is top notch, with he's mixing and quality remix done by himself. So check his site whilst listening to the station and check out his bio..... As for the rating, this time it's 5 star's.....