The Clubbing Capital? - by Tim Jones - Boyz Magazine London #611 April 2003

The London Gay scene is world renowned for it's excellent club life, today where else can you go out and dance non- stop from Friday evening through to Monday afternoon? - yes we are the 24 hour weekend party people of the world!…

British Homosexuals were always at the leading - some would say bleeding - edge of dance music. From the days that Ian Lavine would play Chicago House through to the emergence of the dance institution of Trade and Tony De Vit's 4/4 159bpm pounding drum lines.

Why then am I reading letters stating that "the Harder Scene… falling down" and complaining about the "endless Bouncy Housey dirge that wallpapers Gay London"

Today we should be enjoying a City graced with the biggest variation of dance music offering something for everyone. Now there is a definite polarisation in music going on in our clubs. At one end of the spectrum you have the "South American Call Boy" / "Vauxhall Valley" syndrome of Tribal - Tech House and Filtered Disco covers, on the other side you have the "Young Blood" / "Die Hard Hands In The Air" party people at GAY, Hope and The RVT. Gone are the regular weekends at Trade and the monthly FIST offering us an ear pounding dose of Hard House - no longer is Love Muscle offering us the fusion of Happy Handbag through to Vocal Trance and Harder Beats that were once a weekly Saturday night in Brixton.

I'm not saying that any of the current trends are bad, there are some great DJ's, nights and music out there. - In my book if it makes you feel good and moves your feet it's what we all need in this crazy time that seems more filled with trouble than love. Just that with the numbers of clubbers going out every weekend we must be able to support a more diverse music and club culture.

With that in mind I thought I would delve into the pages of the Gaypers and see just what is happening in London…..

To my surprise I found a very diverse range of venues and club nights, not just the run of the mill we all love or hate, but a good range of alternatives and new nights.

Such as - Popstarz - which, by the way, are organising a fundraiser on Easter Sunday at Crash with no other than the famous Steve Strange! Performing "Fade To Grey" and other hits - Popstarz offers a range of Old School Disco, Electro, Nu Wave/Old Wave - you name it!

The Ghetto in the West End - which is definitely the place to go for alternative nights every day of the week with music ranging from Electroclash through to Wig Out's 70's 80's 90's nights.

Twist on Sunday mornings at the new club Fire in Vauxhall, which aims to please the Hard House crews who loved Trade. Also I understand that Fire will soon offer a Hard House night on Saturdays with one of the residents being Pete Wardman - our very own original Hard House Master.

Sleaze at Crash, every third Saturday of the month, which seem to be aiming at the old Love Muscle crowd.

Fresh! A one off success in January that has now blossomed into more, sees it's Easter party at The Fridge, Brixton and a May Bank Holiday special at a new 3 dancefloor venue offering - Trance, Progressive House and Harder House.

So who says London is not still ruling as the clubbing capital of the world maybe we just need to go out more!?